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What Our Customers Are Saying

“The piñata looks amazing yet again!!”

-Jordan Hamilton | Bullseye Ventures

“We received the 570 piñatas, Thanks. And WOW!! Thanks for the huge Giraffe as well!!

-Lauren R. | Project Coordinator at Clean Fun Promotional Marketing

“Mexi Piñata is the best. They were quick, professional and the piñatas were a hit at our corporate function!”

-Sephora Manager

“Congratulations to your team for putting together such an impactful product! Thanks again for everything, we are so excited to send the piñatas out!”

-Lisa Manz

“We love the hexbug so much that my son wants to keep it hanging in his room and not use it for his party!”


“Thanks again for the hard work. I can’t express how pleased I am with the pinata and will be telling my friends who to go to for pinata’s and I plan on using you again. You guys are awesome!”

Laura Cheek

“It’s wonderful! The party is Saturday, and I’m sure everyone will be impressed.”

-Rebecca Miller

“Oh my gosh. The pinata looks amazing. Its perfect. Thank you”

-Angelina Wu

“It looks great! Go ahead and ship it Express. It would be a disaster if it didn’t get here in time. Thanks for doing such a nice job. Please advise the best way to fill it with toys and candy.”


“Thanks so much for the pinatas!! they are wonderful! I will enjoy having these at my wedding! I am looking forward to doing business with you again!”


“Yes–they arrived and are perfect! Thank you so much!”

-Suzanne Russo

“The Yellow Jacket Piñata was truly amazing. Much, much greater that I had anticipated. Everyone loved it so much. Your customized work was outstanding. Love, love, loved it. The piñata truly made the college graduation party a wonderful success.”

-Araminta Mantooth
  • Jordan Hamilton
  • Lauren R
  • Sephora Manager
  • Lisa Manz
  • Lisa
  • Laura Cheek
  • Rebecca Miller
  • Angelina Wu
  • Elizabeth
  • Loren
  • Suzanne Russo
  • Araminta Mantooth

Meet the Piñata Artists

As a second generation pinata handcrafter, Mr. Horacio Dominguez was born in a small town called Los Altos in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. His parents taught him the technique of handcrafting piñatas – how to make a pinata using a balloon or molds, recyclable paper, wheat paste, and finished with a hand-painted natural colors or crepe paper. Through the years, Don Horacio mastered the discipline of creating handmade piñatas. Today Don Horacio spends most of his time teaching and tutoring the technique of making authentic piñatas to young artists in the northern part of Mexico where he resides with his wife. Over the last 40 years, Don Horacio has also improved the quality of the pinata and focused on sustainability and safety by eliminating any metal or wire and using natural fiber rope, natural paint and recyclable materials.

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