In 2000 we started as Mexipinata and focused on custom made pinatas for special events. Our customers ranged from families who wanted a pinata for a birthday party or a wedding to corporates or institutions who wanted multiple pinatas to promote a brand.

Since the beginning our idea has been to maintain the quality and enhance the original pinata tradition. Thus all our piñatas are traditional handcrafted, made out of a mold or balloon recyclable paper, wheat paste, and finished with a hand-painted natural colors or crepe paper.

In 2004 as Pinatamex we moved away from retail and started working together with Branding Agencies and Corporates. Since then we have worked in all type of special orders ranging from hundreds of Lipstick pinatas to thousands of Beer Cans Pinatas.

At Pinatamex we are really proud to maintain a tradition, keep the originality of a product and focus on quality.

We are also proud to be able to work together with amazing pinata artists in Mexico and share our fun tradition with all our clients.